Saturday, July 26, 2008

When Garett Proposed

Garett and I started dating in the end of November of 2007. We kind of dated off and on because of my current situation and I KNEW that if i were to date Garett seriously than it was going to lead somewhere really really serious which scared me! Because Gar was so persistent and patient with me I finally let me myself realize that I never wanted to be without him and it was okay!Gar proposed to me on March 8th 2008. He did it the cutest possible way ever!!! He and my family made me believe that we were all going up to his cabin for the weekend to hangout and do stuff there. The night before we were all going to leave gar asked me if i would want to go up with him a little before my family got there so he could turn everything on and get things ready for when my family got there! I really didn't even think anything of it! So of course i said yeah thats fine. Well when we got up to the cabin and had turned everything on I was all " Gar we should have brought up a movie to watch until my family gets here" And gar said " way ahead of you...i only brought your favorite and the beast!!" I was so excited and thought it was so thoughtful and cute of him to bring up my favorite movie. Before he put it in though he told me that it was a burned copy and so i might skip a little bit but that it would just skip right back to the part it was. And let me remind you again i really was not expecting this-He had me believing that he couldn't find the ring i liked anywhere and he was probably going to have to drive to Colorado to get one. Anyway so we're watching the movie and it skips all the way to the part where belle and the beast are dancing in the ballroom, so im thinking whoa this did skip far but i totally fine because it was one of my favorite parts. While im watching this part gar gets up and says he needs to go grab something out of the bag we brought up. so he left somewhere. All of the sudden his face was on the movie and he was talking!!!! I was so shocked that i didn't even hear all that he said except stand up and turn around! I stood up and turned around and he was there, got down on one knee and proposed! I will still in shock at first so i was shaking uncontrollably haha and then when it all sank it just started crying because i was so happy! The best way i can describe it, is it felt like how you feel on Christmas morning. I felt just this overwhelming peace and love from heavenly father! We were married May 15th In the Manti Temple for time and eternity. We are so grateful for all of our family and friends who helped with our wedding and everything! I love Gar so much and I couldn't have asked for a better Husband!