Friday, May 28, 2010

Hmm, Pregnancy...I think so

I've always heard woman when they are pregnant say "oh it's just my pregnant brain..." and every time I would hear that I would seriously think, " oh blah blah blah come on just admit you had a stupid moment and you forgot..." ha ha ha more or less ;). Well maybe I am just stupid, but I'm pretty sure something really has happened to my brain while being pregnant.

Here's a list of today's SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS...or what Garett would call, A LISA MOMENT, and in this case MOMENTS!

* While attempting to count back a customer's cash of $250.00, I simply forgot how to count and it sounded something like this... "50, 90, 100...wait no no no that's not right" while my face is turning bright red and surprised there isn't sweat dripping off my face and the customer interrupting me in the middle of this nonsense counting saying "that's not skipped $ you need me to help..." I'm not sure how long I sat there and tried to remember how to count but it felt like forever. Bless his patient kind soul. He ended up just leaving with his cash and saying nicely "Trust me, it's all don't need to count it."

* Eating a fair amount of Cheetos that someone I work with had kindly donated to the rest of us employees, and not noticing until later that day I had Cheeto crumbs all down my blouse... awesome.

* My drawer or till was off by a fair amount, but thanks to the help of a girl I work with she was able to find some pretty dumb mistakes I made on my tickets...few I balanced.

* Wasn't able to scan my work because who knows why, but having a kid I work with walk over, pick up my work and send it through...just like fancy that.

* Joking with the people I work with about the crazy day I had and they were teasing me about the whole money counting thing and so when I started walking away I...ran into the wall...yes I walked right INTO the wall.

* After a very fun evening with the Blackwells at the bowling alley, we had made it to the parking lot and almost to our cars when I looked down and realized "hm, that's weird I still have my bowling shoes on" I honestly couldn't even remember what must of been going on in my my brain when everyone else was putting their shoes back on and returning them back to the front...still trying to figure that one out.

Well I'm glad for tomorrow that I get a second chance, hopefully...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 Years!

On Saturday May 15th Gar and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! I feel like "whoa it's been 2 years!!!" but on the other hand I feel like we have always been married and I've known him forever,(in a very good way) so it's just kind of weird feeling! ha ha! But he surprised me and took me up to the roof and then we went to our traditional spot the Zermatt! It was a wonderful weekend! I love him so much!

20 Weeks!

Can't believe we are half way to meet our little girl! It really has gone by so fast! Here's a pic of me at 20 weeks!