Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Gar and I woke up very happy Easter morning, Yes we had a non-disturbed night and woke up at 7 to talking and giggles...she slept through the night! We love her so much and we are so proud of her! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Charly's first Haircut! Some Randoms! Gar's Birthday!

Sunday we finally decided that it was time for her mullet to go! It was kind of sad, but in the end it turned out looking great!

                     Charly waking mom up in the morning!
      Gar went and got Charly out of her crib one morning he put her  next to me to get a reaction! It was cute.

The other night when we went to go check on Charly before we went to bed we found her feet up like this.She is just so cute! Also we love her "BIG girl"  Pj's

 We didn't get any pictures for Gar's birthday, which I'm totally bummed out about! But this was his first birthday home since we've been married so I was SO excited!! For his main present he went to Vegas to watch the Mountain West Conference and he had a lot of fun, he went with some buddies. The morning of his birthday, April 1st, I made him Apple pancakes (one of his fav's) before work, and let him a couple of shirts that I bought him. The night of his birthday was also his mission reunion, and we decided to go to that because his mission President, President Morales and his wife flew in from Guatemala for this! It was in a church and He and his wife bore their testimonies and it was a very spiritual night for Gar and I and we knew we needed to be there! We went home and had some Ice cream cake that I made him, YUM! Hope it was a great birthday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

6 Months

They really do grow up fast! It's crazy that last conference I was in the hospital in labor with Charly, this little thing that basically would just eat sleep and poop. And now 6 months later she sits up, grabs everything, and is full of this sweet personality that we can't get enough of. Right now she's loving her oatmeal in the morning and rice cereal with squash at night. I'm thankful that Heavenly Father trusted me and Gar to raise his precious daughter.