Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Fun


Last Saturday we went to breakfast with our good friends the Blackwells and the Tuckers which was fun because it's hard to find time this time of year to go out and do things because everyone is so busy with Christmas and family things. After breakfast we went and watched the BYU bowl at the Blackwells, it's great to have friends that share the same LOVE that we have for our BYU Cougars.

We were lucky enough to have Santa come and visit all the Grand kids on Sunday. Charly looked so cute in her Little Santa outfit!!! She is just getting SO big all of the sudden...kind of makes me sad to see her grow up!

It was my birthday yesterday and it was nice because this year it was more low key. Don't get me wrong... I am the first to admit that I LOVE my birthday and I love making a big deal of it, but when you're a mom It is a big deal to just simply go to dinner with just your husband and have a nice relaxing night. We were going to go to a movie too but I started to get a migraine so we just came home and went to bed! :) Gar got me a really pretty Beauty and the Beast porcelain figurine. It really meant a lot to me and made me cry. That has always been my favorite movie...I love the storyline and Gar proposed to me with that movie so it was a great gift!

This is random but because this is like my journal I have wanted to write about this for awhile- About a month ago Gar spent the night at the cabin and he had taken his work shirt off and left it on the bed. When Louie and I went to go get into bed I could NOT get Louie to get off of Gar's shirt and get under the covers with me like he usually does. When he finally did get under the covers he would only lay directly under his shirt. It was the cutest thing, he missed his dad! I love our little Louie!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hospital Visit

We went and had our little baby bug tested to see if she had Kidney Reflux and we feel so blessed because everything looked normal! She did so good during the test! They sedated her with some nasal spray stuff that made it so she wasn't all the way out but so she was loopy and wouldn't remember it! It was sad to see her like that, but is it weird to say that she still looked so cute on that gurney?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The little moments I treasure!

She can sit up in her Bumbo!!! She was getting mad everytime we would lay her down, she just wanted to be sitting up! We bought her a bumbo for Christmas but I just wanted to see how she would do if I sat her in it so I went and opened it and what do you know....SHE SITS! You know you're a parent when it makes your whole day worth while just to see your little baby sit up in a Bumbo!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Charles is 2 months old!!!

We are loving our little girl! She is getting so fun! She is looking at us now and smiling and laughing. She has the the sweetest little spirit and I love it. Her little neck is getting so strong and she is holding up her head! She is loving tummy time more and more...usually when we put her on her tummy that is when she is the most talkative, SO CUTE! She still has so much hair and we are still trying to decide what color those eyes are going to be, it drives me nuts!

I love dressing her up...

Even though sometimes she hates it!

And yes... All I DO want for Christmas is a Silent Night

We love her crazy morning hair!

Very Grateful for her Lounger!

Lou loves being by her and is VERY protective of her

I love that we can put cute little hats on her for the winter!

She likes her blanket and and her binky

And who can forget...
We love those CHUBBY CHEEKS!!

She loves her bath and getting all lotioned up after...
she gets so cuddly :)

Charles has had 2 U.T.I's in her short little life. I have Kidney Reflux Disease and so she has to get tested to see if she has it too, or to find out what is going on. This picture is after she took her medicine!