Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a MONKEY & Hittin' it up date night style☺

Charly will be 16 months on the 3rd! It still shocks me to see my little baby walking and saying words and running around all over the place. 
Here are just some randoms-

Being a Goof!

 Doing one of her favorite things, spinning around everywhere on the floor

Sharing time at the library

 At Jumping Jacks....she was so TERRIFIED of everything so all she wanted to do was sit at this kid table
Build a bear with Grandma Joey! Surprise Surprise, She was TERRIFIED of the process but very happy with the outcome!

Kissing the heart

With her "Monkey Monk" and on her new chair! Charly has some weird obsession with chairs!

Playing with Grandma Tipton's Purse! Charly loves to haul anything around that is close to a purse or bag! Such a girl!

                           LOVE THIS LITTLE MONKEY♥

We were able to go out with some friends and my sister and brother in law! It felt so nice to go out and relax, have fun and just laugh!
We went to Iggys for dinner, Farrs for desert, and then went to comedy sportz! It was an awesome night!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love my mom

It has been "one of those days"... I think today has just been extra hard because it really has been a while since i've had "One of these days" so I guess it was my turn, ha ha. 
Sometimes all I need though is my mom. I always have Gar there for me and he is my #1 fan and supporter and he can always make me smile, but there is just something about the relationship between a mom and their daughter.
I remember many nights growing up just crying in my moms lap while she scratched my back and just listened to me and made me feel like everything really was going to be okay. 
My mom is one of THE most spiritual people I know, and i'm blessed to have her as my mom. Tonight I just needed my mom and she assured me that my heavenly father loves me and knows my intents, and that she was proud of the mom that I've become...that meant so much to me and was really what I needed to hear. I love you mom, thank you so much for being the sweet, spiritual, kind hearted mom you have always been! I hope that I can be the mom to charly that you have been and are to me. I love you!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Poor little ol' Charles has been battling ear infections since May! They won't consider tubes until they have had a certain amount of infections! Well she did and she was finally able to get them in. On Thursday January 5th we took Charly in to Riverwoods Surgical Center where Grandma Joey happens to work for Charly to  get this done! 

sorry Gar didn't mean to cut ya off!

It was a very quick surgery which was so nice, and less stressfull for Gar and me. Grandma Joey was able to carry Charly back to the operating room and hold her while they put her out. That really was a huge blessing for me to know that she had her Grammy right there with her. She also was able to be in the room during the whole procedure and was right there with her when she started coming out of it.

It was so sad seeing her come to,

she was so confused and in a little pain and it took her a little while to calm down. Once we got home we laid her down for a nap and when she woke up she was back to her normal self! 

So grateful for modern medicine and the things they can do to help these helpless little ones! Thanks Joey again for being there for Charly! 
We love you baby girl!

Happy New Year 2012!

After we put Charly down for the night on new years eve we had My sister Anj and my brother in law Garrett and Michelle come over to celebrate with us! Brandon came down with the Flu so he wasn't able to come! We basically ate our lives away with jerk pork, jerk chicken, 3 different dips and a million crackers and dips, drinks, chocolate fondu with many things to dip into the chocolate ha ha! We talked and played a new fav game called "wits and wagers." It was hard for all of us to stay up until midnight (lame I know) but we did it and toasted to the new year....with martinelle! 
 Gar and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us, and we're excited to try and meet our resolutions and enjoy another year with our little bug!