Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Garett and I have felt very blessed these past few months. The first of November Gar lost his job due to the economy-now i know what you are thinking....that is not a blessing, but it ended up kind of being one. It was hard and for awhile there I was working full time at the bank, working in a salon on Saturdays, and doing hair some nights during the week. Before gar had lost his job we thought we were 'tight' on money, and no we weren't rolling in the $$$$ but were fine although we didn't think so at the time. Well after he lost his job it helped us realize how much we really do have and just how we were kind of wasting our money before. The past few months we've made it work with what we have and it has taught us how to better save our money and get by with the necessities mostly. We were so watched over by our heavenly father and we really were just fine. We are so thankful for all that both Garett's family and my family has done to help us out during this time and getting our house insulated. Getting our house insulated has made a huge change in our home and will defiantly change our bill :) so thank you so much!!!! Garett now has found a new job called Thrive. We owe a lot of thanks to his best friend Brandon Blackwell that helped him find the job and get into it, thanks Brandon and Kylie!! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our first Christmas

I have always looked forward to having my christmas with my husband and it was better than i could have ever asked for! We spent the night at the caldwells. On christmas eve Lore and John introduced us to a new game called Liars Die that we played and it was so much fun!Also on christmas eve steve had santa clause come to their house, it was so great to me because at my house a santa always comes because of my dad and brother being on the fire department so it really felt like christmas for me. On christmas morning Gar had me crying of course because of the picture of christ he got for me that i had mentioned before that i wanted REALLY bad. I felt bad because i had made Garett of Published book from Heritage Makers about his mission but it didnt get her until after christmas but he was still as patient and sweet as ever about it. When he did get it though i was so happy that i could do something for him that made him so happy. Later that day we went down to my parents house and opened gifts from them and watched Mamma and daddy tipton open their gifts.

Happy happy birthday Lisa Bug!!

I had the most amazing 20th birthday . It was on Sunday December 21st, so garett took me out on saturday. He had planned the perfect date! We went and saw a movie in the new orem cinemark, and than we went and ate at The Roof. when the waiter seated us I saw these beautiful white lillys in an arrangment in a beautiful vase on the table but of course being me i just kind of though every table had them but when the waiter came back and said "im guessing you guys are here for a special occasion because those are beautiful flowers.." i than realized "of course! those are my favorite flowers!!!" it was so sweet, i love him so much. I have never been so relaxed before at a restraunt, it was so romantic and peacful. We sat right by the window and were able get a great view of the temple . And not to mention the food was AWESOME!!!! sunday morning i woke up SUPER DUPER EXCITED to open my presents that had been tempting me for a week or so. I wanted gar to pick what order i opened them in. He went way over board but he got me the greatest things. He knows me so well and that means so much to me. He got me a BREAD MAKER, HOT CHOCOLATE MAKER, TAYLOR SWIFT'S new CD, ECLIPSE and NEW MOON, LOTS OF HOT CHOCOLATE MIXES, and....A FOSSIL BUTTERFLY WATCH!! It really was too much but i loved it and im so grateful for my husband, he has always treated me like a princess, and has always cared so much about my happiness. I thank my heavenly father each day for blessing me with Garett.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We left for California On monday October 20th. We flew with jet Blue and it was a good flight-except for we did feel bad for the guy sitting by our family that took some headache medicine and asked for a stiff drink :) After we arrived to Long Beach we got our rental cars and squished all 16 of us and our luggage into the the 3 suvs. After getting settled into the hotel we got back into the car and drove to universal studios! It was so fun there. Neither Garett and I had never been there before. I think our favorite ride there was The Simpsons ride...it was pretty cool. Dad and brett didn't think it was too great though....i looked over while on the ride at dad and he had his eyes closed about ready to die! We felt bad but everyone still had a great time!

Tuesday morning we woke up got ready and went and had our delicious hotel breakfast(that we continued to enjoy the rest of the week). I mean really they had like every kind of breakfast food to choose from. We then took the bus shuttle over to DISNEYLAND! We were both so excited and gar couldn't wait to go on Splash Mountain and all the other rides! He was like a little kid and i loved it!

we also spent wed and thursday at disneyland. our favorit ride was tower of terror! it was so much fun! We also highly enjoyed the churros and dole whips!

On Friday we went to Sea World. We both loved Sea World and thought it was really amazing. It's so crazy how hight the dolphins can jump and how much the whales can soak you just by splashing their fins. When we were watching the Shamu show we were kind of dissapointed because we sat in the "soak zone" and didnt even get wet, but everyone else around us was drenched!!! It was very hot that day.

Saturday came around and it was time to go home but our flight didn't leave until 7:00 that night we went the Beach and had some delicous lunch from a place called BJ's. That was the first beach Gar and I had ever been to together, and it was so cute to watch the alli Aubs and jayden play in the water.

So after a really fun and awesome vacation we were ready to go home!