Sunday, November 29, 2009


The BYU VS UTAH game was so fun to watch yesterday! It went into overtime with the final score BYU 26 and UTAH 23. They wore their jerseys from '84 and it was so cool to see them run out on the field in them! The game started at 3:00 and ended at 7:00!!! It was so intense but so great and fun!!! I'm so glad Gar was here so we could go together.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prestige Salon and spa

I am loving working at the salon, the girls there are so great and fun! We had a photo shoot with all the girls! So fun!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give Thanks!

So Cambria Inspired me; on her blog she posted 10 things she's grateful for due to thanksgiving being around the corner. So here's my list of 10 things I'm most grateful for!

1.Garett: I married my best friend in the whole entire world! He travels a lot and my clients at work are always telling me "oh just wait...there will come a time when you will love it when he's gone" and I can honestly say that I will never love having my best friend and love of my life gone. We have such a special marriage that I cherish so much. Garett treats me like a prized jewel and one of heavenly fathers daughters which melts my heart every time I think about. I am so proud of the man that I married, the man that honors his priesthood and cares about his family more than anything and would do anything and everything for them. His patience is slowly teaching me everyday how to be patient! I love this guy more than anything... So Grateful for him!

2.The Gospel: I was born into the church but throughout the years have gained my own testimony of my savior Jesus Christ. I am so Thankful to have this knowledge in my life and to hopefully bless the lives of others with this knowledge.

3.Great Parents: Growing up and even now my parents have always put themselves last. They have always been so concerned about their kids needs and wants, and that is what makes them happy. They are so selfless. I'm thankful for my moms sweet innocent spirit and kindness that she generates to everyone! And my dads faith in the lord and hard work in everything he does. Over a year ago when I married Gar I received 2 more great parents! I'm thankful for the examples they are to me and Gar, the love they show us, and great friends they are to us and all their children.

4.Siblings/nieces and nephews: Although we do have our drama and hard times I'm grateful that I have always had a good reationship with all my siblings. They are all my best friends and who I turn to when I need anything! It's been so great having my siblings get married and get inlaws and having my husbands siblings as my own too! I love all the little ones and the smiles they bring me. The relationships I have with them is what i will cary with me into the eternities. My parents always tried teaching me that when I was little that my famiy would always be there but others wouldn't, and I understand that now. I am very thankful for the more than awesome friends that I have in my life too though, they are all great examples and true friends.

5.Overall good health: Even though Garett calls me " A medical nightmare" I am so glad for the health I have. This may sound dumb, but how blessed am I to have 2 hands and legs that work properly. I am able to do hair because of that! I am able to do a lot of things in life like traveling, exercising, working, etc, etc.

6.Work: I have always been taught the importance of work and responsibity ever since I was little thanks to my parents and great softball coaches. When I was playing on my coach pitch softball team I had a tiny expericen that has just always stuck with me- It was at the end out one of our practices at we were having a little meeting with our parents. My coach asked "what time tomorrow would be the best time for everyone to have practice? If everyone can do in that morning that would be great, but what can you all do?" I raised my hand and said "Can we please do 2:00" my mom had embarrassment written all over her face, and my coach replied "why 2:00?" And I feeling so smart "so I have more time to play with my friends...(duh)" coach- "okay 2:00 it is" It was SO simple!!! Well the next day I was late to my practice because I was with my friend too long! My coach came over to me with the most dissapointed look on his face and said "now, wouldn't it have been better to practice first and have the rest of the day to play?" YES! Since I was 16 I had a job and/or played softball in high school! I'm blessed that Gar and I both have jobs! So Grateful!

7.Home Sweet Home: I love my little house! We were very blessed to be able to get into our first home when we did! So grateful!

8.God bless America...And Utah?:Yes I love Utah and so happy that I was raised here! I am so proud to admit that! I love living somewhere that I love! So Grateful!

9.Car: Yes,"Ol' Blue" can have her moments but she has been so great! We don't have a payment on her anymore and what is better than a free car? She gets me from point A to point B! So grateful!

10.Louie: WELL.... I just love the little guy :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We Love to see the Temple

We were able to go up to Salt Lake and do sealings in the Salt Lake Temple. It was my first time in the Salt Lake Temple and wow it is gorgeous. Gar and I love going and walking around temple square because we always feel so peaceful, happy, calm, and it was also where we went for my birthday when we first started dating. After the temple, we went and ate at the roof, which we love because we feel so relaxed in there...great atmosphere. And not to mention VERY romantic :). It was such a spiritual and great day!
This past week Garett and I decided to go to the Manti Temple, where we were sealed! It was a much needed trip, and we loved going back where we started our eternal family, and the joy of experiencing the beauty again of the Manti Temple, and being the witness couple made it that much more special. I am so grateful we were able to go there together and spend the day doing something so meaningful. After the temple we went to the malt shop and had VERY VERY yummy shakes!!! We were glad that Brandon and Michelle could come with us as well to the Manti Temple where they were sealed too.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

For Halloween at work we all dressed up but didn't tell anyone what we were being so it was fun to see what all the girls were! Everyone looked so cute! I didn't want to have to buy a costume so I came up with this last minute, but it was fun!!

After work I went to my parents and saw all the little kiddos in their costumes and and had ham chowder and hot cider that my mom so generously makes for everyone every year! It wasn't the most exciting Halloween because Gar wasn't here but I'm grateful for family that helps to make up for that!

And yes, this is my real hair...