Monday, December 26, 2011


This has been such a fun month for us, shared with our family and friends!

Charly got her big girl car seat! She loves it and so do Gar and I! 
 We went up to Salt Lake with the Blackwell's and the Tuckers and ate The Pie! It was yummy!

 Steve and Joey had the cutest Santa come to Ruby River for all the grandkids! I think it's so great of them to do that! Charly was scared of Santa, she is such a little tender heart, but she'll get over it! :)

 We went and saw the lights at Riverswoods with My sister Anj and Garrett and their kids and our good friends Nat and Rhett!

We celebrated my 23rd birthday! I'm sad that I forgot to take pictures but it was a great day! I had Lunch with my best friends, my sisters Laur and Anj and my friend Nat! They took me to my favorite place, Joe bandidos the day before my birthday! They day of my birthday Gar let me sleep in for a little bit and he made me breakfast and even bought me my most favorite drink...chocolate milk! We went and finished our Christmas shopping and then we went Texas RoadHouse, my other fav place, and then went and saw Mission Impossible 4 which was a really good movie!! We had the house all to our selves thanks to grandma Joey for letting Charly spend the night! :) We finished the night off by going to wal-mart and getting peppermint ice cream with chocolate syrup and watching my favorite show ever FRIENDS!
 Our blue Christmas Tree! :)
 Tipton Christmas Eve Party! We ate our turkey dinner, did our gift exchange, had our talent show, and had Santa come! Unfortunatly we didn't get to stay for the nativity because I started to feel sick.

 After the party we came home and opened our PJs!

Christmas morning we didn't get very many pictures because Gar and I were up sick all night, so we still weren't feeling up to par in the morning but we still had such a great christmas! We were able to see our family and spend some time with them and also get some rest!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love our little family!

We had our family pictures taken, an awesome Christmas gift from Cambria and her mother in law Shauna. 

They turned out so cute, and I have to admit that I cried when I saw them, I just love my little family so much and I feel so blessed to have them especially this time of year. It overwhelms me to think that Heavenly Father brought Garett and me together 4 years ago and has trusted us to raise our beautiful little Charly. They both amaze me everyday!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn + Midnight + "Mom responsibilities" = One tired Mama!

Ha ha No I really did have so much fun! Me, one of my best friends Natalie, sister in-law Cambria and her friend all went to the midnight showing of Breaking dawn. I think the whole movie theater was "on something" because everyone was laughing so loud at all the cheesy parts. Regardless of all the cheesy parts I was pretty pleased with how the movie went! Can't wait until part 2 comes out! :)
We dressed the part, and so much afterward regretted our choice to wear heals! But the fangs and pale white faces were pretty cool...but not so much after the movie when I was walking into the bathroom and getting weird looks from everyone, ha ha. Still fun though!