Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am now 39 weeks and 3 days. It's amazing how you go 9 months and it just FLIES BY but once you get to the Last week it feels like Eternity. Gar and I were talking the other day and I was telling him some of my feelings.... feeling jealous of other peoples hobbies and interests because I feel like right now I don't really do much. And then I broke down and started to cry because I told him that is why I am more than ready to have Charly because I NEED her probably more than she is going to need me. I am more than ready to be mom...I know it's going to be so challenging and overwhelming at times, but I'm ready. I feel like this is my calling in life to be a mom and so I'm just waiting to be able to start this new beginning in my life with Garett and Charly. 
There have been things in my life lately that have been stressing me out, and so I really can't say this enough! COME ON CHARLY GET HERE...I'M READY, AND I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE!

Bank Shower

My work Girls took me to Joe Bandidos for my last shower! It was so much fun to eat and chat with them! I am lucky to work with such great people, I will miss them all SO much! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Showers

I was thrown some great showers these past few weeks! And I still have one more that my work is doing for me this week!

My Mom and Laurie and Anj threw me my first one! They did an ice cream bar that turned out so cute!

Of course I had to cry at some point!

My second shower the Caldwell's did for me and I'm so sad because I forgot my camera! But Lor had it decorated SO cute, and had yummy food and we were able to eat and mingle and eat some very yummy or what Lor called  "Naughty" Cup Cakes!

My good friends Kylie and Kelsey had one for me as well! They went way out of their way and also decorated everything so darling and made some very delicious lunch and goodies!

Thank you ALL for going out of your way! I love you all so much and Charly is lucky to have been 'showered' with all your love!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Favorite season...Cougar Season!

It's that time of year again! BYU football! Gar got season tickets this year with his buddy because Charly and I will be cheering on our Cougs at home! But I was able to go to the first game with my Dad thanks to my Mom, she gave up her ticket :) But we had so much fun. I love being there and yes yet again I was trying not to cry when the team ran out onto the field...If it were just me there in the stadium and no one else there to judge, there WOULD be tears rolling down my face. I have always been a "cryer" and when I get really really excited or happy about something...I cry. So ANYWAYS it was a lot of fun and we won! We were happy to find out that Charly loves the Cougars just as much as us, she couldn't stop moving during the game ;)
After the game Gar and I went up to the cabin and stayed the night and hungout with the Caldwell bunch! It's always fun to go up there hangout with everyone! And of course Gar was stinkin cute with little Abbie!
Garett was able to go to the BYU vs Airforce game last weekend in Colorado with some buddies. Unfortunatly BYU did not show up to play, but I was glad Gar was able to go and just have fun and relax!