Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My how my hair changed!!!!

I started hair school July 2006 and ended after 2,000 sometimes hard hours in november 2007! During the course of hair school i went through a ton of hair changes...it kind of became a way for me to express myself for some reason. I'm finally trying to go back to the way my hair WAS BEFORE i started hair school. I loved trying all the different hair styles, I'm just ready to go back to how it was. So im going to post pictures of all the different ways my hair has changed. And i dont even think this is all of the ways....
This is before Hair school...
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A little more blonde, a little length off and some bangs.....

Purple extensions.... Mom and Dad loved that one

Than I put some red brown and carmel....

Than I thought I would color my hair dark dark dark dark dark brown....

And so then i decided i wanted to have short hair WITH a faux-hawk

Took it a little shorter and got rid of the faux-hawk

lighter brown...messy back


SHORTER... blonde and red hight lights with spikes in the back

Tried to go back blonde...

gave up on the blonde- violet/red and blonde......

extensions, dark brown and blonde....

I dont have a pic of my hair right now but its short and getting blonder and longer:)

Chicken Pox ....Now??

Friday night i noticed this really weird red dot on my belly that really itched, but i didn't really think much of it but i was kind of suspicious because i have never had the chicken pox. Well gradually the dots spread and my WHOLE body itched like crazy so Monday i went to the doctors and sure enough i have the chicken pox so im just at home right now. I never had them when i was a kid but i did get the vaccine a few years ago and so i think i could have gotten them a lot worse.

¤QuIcK rEcAp¤

Okay I'm going to just try and get caught up on what has been going on in our lives! I'm hoping that once i get caught up i will be able to STAY caught up.:)

This is our first "ART CITY DAYS" together. We had so much fun at the parade and watching all our little nieces and nephews get all excited. We only went on one ride...the zipper and unfortunately it made us both feel really sick. There must be something about carnival rides because neither of us get sick on other bigger rides. We did enjoy the scones and all the other yummy (fattening) food!

Okay about a week-two weeks after we got married Garett and I were "puppy hungry" so while we were at sportsman warehouse looking for fathers day gifts we got a little distracted. There were tons of people outside selling all different kinds of puppies. After looking around at all of them we found a boy beagle. We both admit that we didn't have a good feeling about buying him, we don't know why but we just didn't. Unfortunatly regardless of those feelings we bought the dog $400.00. After a week of having him we sold him to a stay at home mom with 4 kids for $250.00.We sold him because he was really really hyper and at the time he really stressed me out and he had a really hard time staying home all day by himself and gar and I just felt so bad about it. Lor and John wathed him during the day sometimes but it was just too much. So we sold Milo and its crazy how close you can get to a dog in just a week. I was crying and garett was tearyeyed. But we were relieved after the fact and felt like we did the right thing.

Well I thought Garett and I had decided that we were going to wait a few years before getting another dog....I thought wrong.
I was doing hair one night and garett said he was golfing. Well he came to my parents house after i was done doing hair and after he was done "golfing" and he had a dog!!! At first i couldn't believe it and i was thinking..."you are taking him back." after having for 3 months now i woudlnt have it any other way. We both love Louie so much, he is the SWEETEST CUTEST dog ever. Here are some pictures of him a little after we got him. Notice the pictures that are of Louie and Me he is on my head or neck, For some reason as soon as gar gets out of bed in the morning to get ready for work Louie imediatly comes and lays on my neck on top of my head so we think it might be his way of protecting me.

And this is a picture of Louie's first bath

Louie has just been recovering from Parvo. If you dont know what Parvo is:Parvo is a viral disease that attacks the intestinal tract and immune system. It has been known and identifiable since 1978 and can be transmitted by direct or indirect contact with vomit or diarrhea from an infected dog. The Parvovirus can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, depression, dehydration, high fever and sudden death.

We took him to the vet a couple of times and got him some medication and he is finally eating again acting like himself.

Here he is all cuddled up feeling lots better!! We Love our little Louie, he really is like a child to us.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I got the idea from Lor's sister! I thought it was so funny i had to do it!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

When Garett Proposed

Garett and I started dating in the end of November of 2007. We kind of dated off and on because of my current situation and I KNEW that if i were to date Garett seriously than it was going to lead somewhere really really serious which scared me! Because Gar was so persistent and patient with me I finally let me myself realize that I never wanted to be without him and it was okay!Gar proposed to me on March 8th 2008. He did it the cutest possible way ever!!! He and my family made me believe that we were all going up to his cabin for the weekend to hangout and do stuff there. The night before we were all going to leave gar asked me if i would want to go up with him a little before my family got there so he could turn everything on and get things ready for when my family got there! I really didn't even think anything of it! So of course i said yeah thats fine. Well when we got up to the cabin and had turned everything on I was all " Gar we should have brought up a movie to watch until my family gets here" And gar said " way ahead of you...i only brought your favorite one...beauty and the beast!!" I was so excited and thought it was so thoughtful and cute of him to bring up my favorite movie. Before he put it in though he told me that it was a burned copy and so i might skip a little bit but that it would just skip right back to the part it was. And let me remind you again i really was not expecting this-He had me believing that he couldn't find the ring i liked anywhere and he was probably going to have to drive to Colorado to get one. Anyway so we're watching the movie and it skips all the way to the part where belle and the beast are dancing in the ballroom, so im thinking whoa this did skip far but i totally fine because it was one of my favorite parts. While im watching this part gar gets up and says he needs to go grab something out of the bag we brought up. so he left somewhere. All of the sudden his face was on the movie and he was talking!!!! I was so shocked that i didn't even hear all that he said except stand up and turn around! I stood up and turned around and he was there, got down on one knee and proposed! I will still in shock at first so i was shaking uncontrollably haha and then when it all sank it just started crying because i was so happy! The best way i can describe it, is it felt like how you feel on Christmas morning. I felt just this overwhelming peace and love from heavenly father! We were married May 15th In the Manti Temple for time and eternity. We are so grateful for all of our family and friends who helped with our wedding and everything! I love Gar so much and I couldn't have asked for a better Husband!