Friday, August 3, 2012

Things I missed.... and more recently...

Here are some things that I didn't blog that I wanted to but just skipped over...

Art City Days 2011 we had Charly be in the baby contest. I know this is well over do, but THANK YOU all that went to City hall and voted! I know some went everyday, Thank you so much! It was cool seeing her in the Newspaper. She won Most photogenic. It's crazy to see her in this photo compared to her now.

Last fall we had the opportunity to go to the set in Elberta where they are filming a lot of the church movies. They showed part of the set on the Christmas devotioal movie. It was a really neat experience that my family was able to be apart of.

My dad retired last summer and it was a bitter sweet day I think for all of us. I found myself getting emotional when the fire cheif starting speaking about him and my dad's service on the fire and police department. I have always been so proud to be his daughter and will always look up to him for all he has accomplished and still is accomplishing in his life. 

 Baby Haven was born!!!

Now recently-

July 4th
Joey prepared a very yummy lunch for everyone and had a fun water slide for all the kids to play on! It was fun to see everyone and hangout! Thanks Steve and Joey! 


Later that night we went to the Tiptons for a fun BBQ!

We went to go visit Gar's sister Steph in Vernal and we had a blast! Thanks again Steph for letting us come visit and taking our pics and sharing your boat!

The drive home
 Preview of our pics-she did awesome!!

I cut my hair-thanks Mom!
 Just some random pics of Miss jo!

Playing with cousins-gettin dirty! Sometimes its just worth it to let them get DIRTY!

Our little girl just keeps growing up, but we are loving every bit of it even though she can be a little stinker! So for we have been having a great summer!