Friday, March 18, 2011


Me and my sisters were all pregnant at the same time, and it was so much fun! But how we found out they were pregnant will always be one of my favorite memories...
This past summer we were at the Caldwell cabin getting ready to go boating and play out on the lake. Laurie just kept saying how she didn't want to go...just wasn't feeling up to it...wanted to stay and watch her kids...etc. Well when I went to my room to get my swim suit on little Andie (Laurie's daughter) followed me to my room and said "My mommy's going to have a little baby girl" and so I said "no Andie I'm having a little girl" just thinking she was a little confused with who was having a baby! So I went upstairs and forgot about what Andie had said. Well then a few minuets later she started telling me this again and I looked over and Laurie started laughing! haha! Andie wasn't suppose to say anything but I think she was just a little too excited! Laurie had a boy (Jaxon) but at the time she didn't know what she was having and Andie was just being hopeful that it would be a girl!

Once we were all ready we went and got in the Lake! Anj was a little iffy if she "wanted" to learn how to wake board and she was acting all weird about it, but she was a champ and went out. Well about the third time she fell, she got so mad and screamed, " I can't do this I'M PREGNANT!!!" ha ha at first we were all silent and looking around at each other thinking "is she kidding, and just saying this to be funny because Laurie just told us she was pregnant??" Well she really was! I was so excited to find out that We were the 3 little pregos! Well except, I wasn't so little!

Now all 3 babies are here! Miss Charly, Cute Jaxon, and Little Noah Gray!

Noah Gray  6 lbs 2 oz 19 Inches  

Emma Joelyn Caldwell 7 Pounds 7 Ounces 20 Inches Long

And soon to be Brandon and Kylie's baby girl Reese Blackwell

Also coming soon is John and Lor's little baby girl!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teach me how to Jimmer!

This season of Basketball for BYU has been a fun one! Gar is lucky enough to be in Vegas to watch the game tonight! They played so well last night, and Joey and I got a kick out of the announcer when he said (talking about Jimmer ) "Is he human? Someone check his pulse" 

                                       GO COUGS!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

5 Months!

Charly is getting so big so fast I can hardly handle it! She makes us happier than we ever thought we could be.

She can sit up all by herself now!!!!  And roll over!

She likes and eats rice cereal before bed 

We finally figured out who she reminds us of- Terk off of Tarzan

And she loves going on walks...and so does mom :)Plus she fits into her jogger now!

I love our little Charleston Chew !!!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I LOVE Disney. Every time I have visited Disneyland or Disney World it amazes me the time and energy they spend into getting every detail just right for EVERYTHING; rides, food, the characters, Micky mouse shaped ice cream sandwiches, even down to the napkins you use are doesn't matter how old you are you still leave believing that "a dream is a wish your heart makes.....and dreams do come true." I love the way I feel when I'm there...SO happy and like a kid.

Our first day we went to the Magic Kingdom. We go there early and we were able to hit up pretty much all the rides! 

I made the sword come out of the stone!! That has never happened to me before!!!


 We got ourselves some nice refreshing Dole Whips! These are one of our all time favorite things ever! We love going to Disneyland for these!

Later that night we watched the cute little show they did with some of the characters and they had tinker bell fly down from the castle and then they had amazing fireworks going while playing "dreams come true" I hate to admit this but I was so HAPPY during all of this that I couldn't help but cry. 

We watched the electrical parade that night too!

Universal studios Olrlando
This day was really fun and one of my favorites because we were able to see the "Wizarding World of Harry  Potter"

We had some D-LISH ButterBeer

The Hogwarts Ride was so awesome!!!! It was like soarin' over California and a real roller coaster in one...what get's better than that? Waiting in the line to get on it though was probably the coolest, they had talking pictures, and holograms of some of the characters!

After Harry Potter World we went and did some other rides at Univeral

Animal Kingdom
This was one of our favorite kingdoms! Here they had Africa and Asia! We went on an African safari, saw some wild animals, and went on some FUN rides!

Here we visited all the different countries, and it was so cool to see!

We had Lunch in china and some crepes in France...they were so YUM! 

Did I mention we ate A LOT of ICE CREAM!!??

Thank you Cambria, Joey, Mom, Lor, Laur, and Anj for watching Charly for us! We appreciate it SO much!!!