Friday, July 31, 2009

"Dude you messed with the WRONG family"

story time AKA best story of my life! This story starts out with my sister in law Tara who is married to my brother Brett talking to my Brother Brandon on the phone- Note: Brandon and Brett live right across the street from each other.

Tara: Hey Brandon I know you and Michelle are really busy with your businesses so I would like to help you out and go run some of your errands for you today.

Brandon: That is so nice of you Tara, I will just bring the money over to your house and set it on your counter.

Tara: okay sounds great! I'm not home right now so I will just grab it later when I get home.

Narrator: Brandon walks across the street to put the money in Brett and Tara's house. Brandon walks in and could hear some rummaging in the kitchen...

Brandon: Hello?

Narrator: No answer

Brandon: Hello?

Narrator: Suddenly this guy WITH GLOVES starts to book it out of the house! So Brandon Grabs the guy...

Brandon: What are you are you doing, and WHO are you?

Unknown guy: uh... I must have the wrong house

Brandon: Whatever this is my Brothers house who are you?

Unknown guy: My name is Steve (lie)

Brandon: Don't you dare move or I will do some serious damage to you (while holding him down) I'm going to call my dad

Brandon calling dad: Dad I have someone here at Brett's and I'm holding him down HURRY!

Narrator: Dad shows up with his "buddies" WITHIN THE MINUET MIND YOU

Brandon to Unknown guy: by the way... my dad is a cop!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stewart falls for 24th weekend!

Saturday morning we went on a Hike with Joey, Cambria and Skyler and all of our dogs! Louie was so funny, he pulled garett all the way up to the waterfall and back! The boy has so much energy he doesn't know what to do with himself! It was a nice hike and very pretty! We had a lot of fun!

Fire Proof

The other night Gar and I watched the movie Fire Proof because everyone kept telling us what a great movie it was, well they were all so right! I highly suggest that everyone watch it! The acting in it isn't the best in the world but the story and message is amazing! It made me realize how important it really is that I work on my marriage everyday and serve my husband and let him know how much I love him.

A more Adventurous Me!

The last show Garett was at was in New York. One of his first days there he was able to go to time square for just a little while and see some of the things there. Well he called me that night once he got back to the hotel and said that New York city was a cool place but that he thought it would be better to have me there with him so one day he would like to go there with me. So after hanging up the phone with him I got a crazy idea; "why not go there now...?" Once I finally got enough courage and decided to go I decided I wanted it to be a surprise and I was 100% certain that it would be a surprise because it wasn't like me at all to get on an airplane by myself and fly across the country to New York so I knew the thought of me going there wouldn't even cross Garett's mind. So I bought my ticket and Thursday July 16th at 11:59 p.m. I was on the plane on my way to see the love of my life! I was able to sleep pretty much the whole way there which was nice.

Once I arrived to the JFK airport and grabbed my bag I called Garett. I was SO excited! It was 6:30 a.m. and when he answered his phone and I told him he needed to come pick me up at the airport he didn't believe me, but finally I was able to convince him that I really was there and that he needed to come pick me up! He was so happy and excited-it was worth going there just to see his reaction! What a cutie!
He still needed to work but he did leave work much earlier than normal while I was there so we could go into New York City. Friday night we took the Long Island railroad into New York city and walked around Time square. It's such a crazy and different life style there.

It started to rain while we were there but we LOVED it, it only made it so much funner.

We were really goofy that night and just had so much fun with each other and the train ride back we were so goofy that it went by SO fast! :)

Saturday after Gar got off we took the train back into New York city and once we got to time square we took the subway to get on the ferry to go to the Statue of Liberty.

We had such a great time together and we were both so happy that we could experience those things together! We both had a BLAST!

Monday, July 13, 2009


The past couple of months I have been going to Turbo Kick with one of my friend's Katie. It has been a blast! It has become more like a hobby to me, and has challenged me in so many ways! Surprisingly enough however I have seemed to embarrass myself so many times there! One day while leaving turbo I was looking at Katie talking to her and totally ran into a weight machine... another time while walking into class there was a girl sitting down and she looked JUST LIKE a girl I went to school with, so I waved at her for about 10 seconds while she continued to give me a blank stare, it was one of those moments on the Ellen DeGeneres comedy movie for those of you that have watched that you can picture this with me, and tonight i somehow forgot to put my thumbs in my weighted gloves so the teacher over her loud mic mind you says "you didn't put your thumbs through your gloves" and proceeds to walk over and help me, although i have been there for a couple of months now i never seize to amaze myself :) Anywho anyone that would ever want to join me in this madness please do!


Natalie was Married on 7 8 9 I thought it was pretty cool! It was such a beautiful day! I was able to see her get sealed to her sweetheart and it was so great! She looked like a princess and I'm excited for her to have eternity with her Now Husband Rhett Hall!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th Of July Weekend

This was my second year spending the 4th with the Caldwells up at the cabin. I love it so much. It's nice being able to spend that time with them. We always have so much fun and I know Garett loves being up there with his brothers just feeling like "one of the guys". It was a blast! We were able to watch the fireworks for a little bit with making smores until it rained us out, but we were still able to watch them inside out the window while we listened to patriotic music... I'm not going to lie I was holding back tears during the music (i'm such a cryer..thanks mom :) ) I'm so grateful for the country we live in and the freedoms we have. I'm thankful that i am able to pray to my heavenly father and go to church and live my religion! Thank you Caldwells for the wonderful time that I had with you guys! I love you! Oh and thanks joey for that yummy lemonade pie! Mmm...!