Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's all about love baby

Gar and I celebrated Valentines on Saturday. We got a babysitter and went to The Vow and lunch with some of my family, which was really fun! LOVE MY SISTERS TO DEATH!!!!

Gar didn't forget about his valentines!

Valentine Pjs

V-day outfit with straight hair!!! Could barely recognize her

Charly and I didn't forget about our valentine either! I stole the idea from The Vow and did a list all "Impact Moments" in our relationship!

We like valentines day because it allows us both to slow down and think about our love for eachother!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just havin' fun with Miss jo♥

"When you're the best of friends"
Okay I know that sounds weird, but they both really keep each other entertained all day long. They are both so good with each other! It has been fun having wrathison!

Provo Beach Resort with the Caldwell Clan
Charly loved the carousel with Papa Caldwell

Charly and Dad
 Charly and the cousins dancing to the band

 Playing in the toddler play area

Playing in the snow
What a cutie!

Uncle Brian brought back from Disneyland the baby Rapunzel doll! She's so cute!  I love the baby princess's dolls! Thanks Brother!
This little girl melts our hearts every single day! We love you bug!