Sunday, October 24, 2010

Charly Jo is 3 weeks old!!!

Charly had her 2 week appointment last week-

Weight: 9 lb 7 oz                83 Percentile
Height:  21.5 in                  87 Percentile
Head circ: 15 in                 89 Percentile

We love our little Charly!! And here are some of the things she is LOVING:

  • Her nightly baths. She didn't start out liking them but she LOVES them now. She's so cute in her little tub and it makes it hard for us to end her baths at night because she looks like she's at the spa.
  • Her "Boppee Lounger." She just puts her arms out and sits back and relaxes.
  • The song "A childs Prayer" will usually calm her down if she's crying.
  • Tummy time, but only for a few mins!
  • Dad's kisses- really, she loves them! 
Charly has brought such a sweet spirit into our lives. We are so grateful to have her!

Here are some pictures

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maternity Pics

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October 3rd 2010

On my due date, the 2nd of October Gar and I decided it was be good to take a trip to Park City so I could walk around for a bit to see if that would help "move things along." Well the day before this I had hit my ring against the cabinet in the kitchen and one of my diamonds fell out and the prong broke because of the way my ring has to be set its extra fragile. So before we hit the outlets in Park City we stopped off at Shane Co, WHICH I LOVE and am so glad Gar bought the ring from them. They ended up having to cut my ring in 3 different places to get it off of me because I was SO swollen from being SO pregnant. Good news is though, in 12 weeks it will be in tip top shape again!At the end of the day I had felt down because my due had come and was going...still with no baby. In the middle of the night (so Sunday mornin) I started having contractions 5 minuetes apart but I didn't want to wake up Gar until I knew FOR SURE this was the real deal. Well they continued so I finally woke him and off we went to the hospital. We got there and we checked in and then off I went to get checked to see if I really was in labor. After they checked me I was at 2 and a half so I needed to wait an hour to see if I had made progress. I'll tell you what, that was the LONGEST hour of my life. The nurse then came back, checked me....STILL a 2 and half. Nurse: "Unfortunatley we are going to have to send you home, but let me go call your doctor first." She leaves and shuts the door and then I turned to Gar about to tell him how bad this sucks and that I didn't want to go home when instead I said "Uh, Gar....I either just peed...or my water broke" So he called the nurse in and sure enough I was SAVED!!! MY WATER BROKE at 6:15 am. When they checked me at 11:00 I was only at 3 so they gave me some Pitocin to get things going. They checked me 3:15 and I was a 5 and then came back 45 mins later at 4:00 and I was a 9! And all I could say was "SERIOUSLY?" I was so excited but really nervous at the same time...all of the sudden we were there about to see our little angel that we had waited 9 months to see and there we were so close! I ended up having her at 8:05 p.m. She was a whopping 8 lbs 12 ounces and 21 inches long With the prettiest thick dark hair! I will never forget the feelings of Joy I had when she came out or the look on her daddy's face. Gar had nothing but love for her from the moment she arrived. I have been blessed to have Garett be her Dad. He can't get enough of her and this whole week he has just kept telling me that we are a team and in this together. He has been helping me more than I ever could have asked for.

Stephanie came down from Vernal to take pictures of Charly! She did such a great job! Joey and My mom also took some and here are some of their pics! Thanks again Steph for coming! You're very talented!