Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fun summer so far!

Memorial Day Weekend-
On Friday we took Charly to the pool in Lehi. At first she was terrified of it all and just cried and didn't want us to even put her in the water, but she warmed up to it quickly! When it was time to leave she did not want to go home, she was loving it there! She kept saying "dada, slide."

On Memorial Day Gar and I took Charly to the Zoo. She was so happy and excited! She loved it!

Last weekend we were able to go to St.George with Anj and Gar and get out and have some fun!

This is how it started...

On the drive there
The first night there we just hungout and swam and ate our lives away at Sakura.

The next morning we woke up and went to Zions and did some hiking! It was a blast.

When we got back from hiking we just relaxed by the pool

That night we drove to Mesquiete and ate a this buffet that Gar always talks about and then we did a little gamblin ;)


We topped the night off with some frozen yogurt
We did some shopping and ate a lot of junk food, found this awesome restaurant called Anasazi, saw Snow White and the Huntsman, and just had a GOOD time.

Art City Days

Children's Parade- Charly had fun riding in her car
This is her after the parade eating her Snow Cone
Art city days parade on Saturday

The Carnival

Mod Bod Sale- People are crazy