Sunday, May 20, 2012


Back in April Gar was able to go on a golfing trip with his dad and go to the Masters. This was a dream come true for him and he was in heaven. He was so tired at the end of every day from golfing so much, but still had so much fun.

Tipton fam BBQ
We always have fun when we all get together. And it was fun to watch all the kiddos play in the irrigation water. 

 My mom, Me, Anj, Laur, and Michelle all made strawberry jam a few weeks ago. I was busy cutting the strawberries when I looked behind me and saw Charly eating all of my hard work :)
 Charly's favorite breakfast-Thinners
 Playing with next door neighbor, Ryker

 Her new favorite toy. All we hear now is "I want car"
 Pudding = bad idea

 That dad...
 So excited about the ice cream she apparently could not wait for a spoon
 Jogging in style

 Playing with Ryker through the fence :)

 Love this guy-wrath
 New Chair
 Best friends
 Fire pit, smores, lots of food, good times

 On Tuesday Garett and I just celebrated 4 years! Go us!