Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds ever be in your favor...

Gar and I both read the Hunger Games and loved it! We went and saw the movie last night with Anj and Gar and Rhett and Nat! We had fun getting out and seeing a pretty good flick!
                                       Gotta love this goof
                                      love when we get together, we're always good for a laugh

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cali. Forn. I. A.

Gar and I were in California early Tuesday until late Saturday, and even though we missed Charly like crazy we had such an awesome time! We went the perfect week because we pretty much just walked on to all of the rides.

We had to be at the airport at 4:30 and even though we were super tired we were glad that we had an early flight out and we could head straight for Disney!

New Star Tours ride! It was so awesome what they have done with it!
 Laugh all you want, but here are our Dole Whips...one of our favorite things about going to Disneyland!

One of our all time favorite rides-Hollywood Tower of Terror! The first time we went on it this time our hearts dropped right into our stomachs-love it!
 Gotta have a pic with ol' Mickey!
 Love this pic of Gar! Another fav- Toy Story Mania

Our Sweet Rental that we lucked into getting
Our first night there we went to Seal Beach and walked around for a little bit, but it was so freezing that night! We ended up finding this really cool restaurant called Taco Surf. We loved it! It makes me so sad we don't have one here. The atmosphere was just chill and the food was DELISH! It was authentic Mexican food which I love! We are going to miss that place! 

Wednesday we ventured over to Universal and went on some rides!

Had to go back to Taco Surf
Thursday we met up with some friends Morgan and Kelli who used to live in Springville but are now in San Diego for an awesome day at Sea World

Loved the Sea Lions
 Watching the Dolphin show
 Riding Atlantis-fun ride!
 After Sea World we at this really yummy italian place. They put whatever pasta you want inside a hollow sandwhich bun! So yum!
 Desert- Cheesecake at the Cheese cake factory! Don't forget the Milk
 Friday we were at Disney and Morgan and Kelli came and joined us late that night! 
Splash Mountain

 Space Mountain
 Beinget's like on princess and frog-yum
 Fun times at D-LAND

  World of Color was one of the coolest parts of our trip! It made me so happy I started to cry, ha ha! 
 Saturday we shopped a little bit and went to the beach! It was such a great trip and so nice to spend some time with eachother! We had a blast!
 Here are some random pics of Miss Jo that I've wanted to blog for awhile

 Picture taken by StephanieTucker-Thanks we love this pic 
She has been sick today and she fell asleep on her "dadda" so tender
Love her!