Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's that time of the year again! I love the fall and I LOVE going to the BYU football games! We got season tickets again this year, and although gar can only one more game it's still so much fun! It's great because I enjoy the games probably just as much as Gar. We were so excited about the win to Oklahoma and gar and Brandon Blackwell went a little crazy and ran around the house with our BYU flag....gotta love that husband of mine! The game to Florida was HUGE let down....the crown in the stadium were all SO pumped at first and then it quickly died down, what a bummer? We were able to go to Colorado together last week though and Anj and Garrett and Brandon and Michelle were all there too! After we went and ate a brickoven before the crowds all got there luckily! We met cosmo which may sound dumb to most but i have been waiting FOREVER to get a picture with that studly cougar!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Date Night

Gar and I have decided that we need to do a date night for just the 2 of us one day a week that he is home. We each are going to take turns each week planning, well this week was my turn. It turned into a date day though because I had the day off so it was so great! We cooked breakfast together and then spent the day up in park City at the Outlets, and than on the way home we went and hiked the Y together. It was so challenging but SO great to do together! We had SUCH a blast and we are both looking forward to our future dates :)

" The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." -Charles Kettering

At the first of September I made a very hard and well thought out decision to leave my Job at Central Bank. It was so scary for both me and Garett.... I had almost been at Central Bank for 2 years and was so comfortable there financially and socially. But I felt like that some of the goals I want to fulfill for me and my family wouldn't happen if i were to continue to work there. It was also becoming very hard for me to work full time at the bank and then do hair most nights. I wanted to use my education... the thing that I LOVE doing SO much. So I am now working at Prestige Salon and Spa. I am loving it! ( I am doing Hair, eyebrow waxing, pedicures, manicures, and glitter toes there! And just A little FYI first time clients get 20% off! It's so crazy to me how life can change so much so fast. I feel so blessed for the changes I have had in my life. I have been thinking a lot lately about where those changes have taken me, for instance... Up until 3rd grade I attended Art City School Elementary and than they changed the boundaries so that meant I had to go to Grant where I met Anjali who became my best friend and is now my eternal sister. I had played softball very actively since I was 12 years old on an accelerated team, and every summer i was gone every weekend at a tournament somewhere, in high school every fall I was training to make the high school team and in the spring i was playing for the high school and practicing every day from 3-6 and playing games and in the summer it was the accelerated team again...etc. Well because of me breaking my arm and to cut a long story short I QUIT softball- which later on down the road because of that decision i was able to go to Cosmetology School. I've worked many different places and although i hated working at Joe Bandios IM SO THANKFUL I DID... that is how i met my husband. My point to all of this is- I believe that Heavenly Father has a hand in all things in my life, and he will directs us where we need to go or what we need to be doing. Change can be very hard and we might not know why we are doing something at the time and It may be very challenging but heavenly father sees the bigger picture and will direct us- if we let him.