Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 months! (well 10 1/2 now :) )

Oh my goodness she is getting SO BIG! He scoot is getting SO fast it's like her bum never touches the ground, she looks like a gorilla! She is holding on to things and standing up, and she will walk back and forth across the couch holding on tightly to the couch. She loves to sit on anything that is elevated from the ground and just play on it for awhile and then get off, get back on, get off....and on and on...! She has one top tooth with another trying to push it's way out! She has become more and more attatched to her blanket...and the binky which is kind of unfortunate for us, but we will take it for now. She loves pretending to "talk" on the phone and out of all of her toys her carseat is her favorite thing to play with...go figure. We have just moved and she is getting use to her new place and new room, but I'm pretty sure is settling in well and is still being the champ of baby she has always been ;) ha ha. She is still an amazing eater and I'm forever grateful. She loves to go up the stairs in our house, but still doesn't know how to go down, so we're working on that! Her hair is getting longer and curlier, I love her Afro top! 
 I love this picture of Charles picking her nose! Way to catch that shot Grandma Joey!