Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Close call!

When Garett came home this time it was only for a few short 3 days!!!!!!! So I took off work and we decided to go up to the cabin! Once we got up there we decided we would invite Brandon and Michelle and their kids because they've always wanted to come up there and ice fish!

Well they had told us when they were leaving because we wanted to make sure the gate code was going to work! Well it was 15 mins past when we thought they should be there so we got in our truck and started heading down to see if they were just waiting at the gate. BIG MISTAKE! The road going down was nothing but ice and right was we turned the first corner there was Brandon with his big trailer on the back!!!!!!!!! So our truck wont stop and we keep going down hill towards them and Brandon is sliding down quick so haha in a panic I yelled to Garett "I'm going to pray....dear heavenly father please help us not hit brandon and please help them not go off the side...." Garett yells at me "lis that's not going to happen" so I yelled "I'm not talking to you Garett IM TALKIN TO GOD HERE!!!" hahaha we were both stressed and panicked! Well Brandon did the smart thing and slammed hit foot on the gas and made his trailor go into the side of the mountain..which still wasn't good but was better than going off into the lake. Well 2 hours later they were able to turn the whole trailer around facing down the road drive the trucks past it, hook the truck back up to the trailer and we both drove down to the bottom and then started over and came back up!!! Man I wish I would've taken a picture of the whole 'incident'.

We were SO blessed that nothing happened to ANYONE or any of the vehicles!
But we had so much fun while up there, we went sledding and played a lot of games!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We HeArT the Holidays!

We had SO much fun in December! Gar came home on the 13th and is still here so we have been able to do more than usual. We have seen some good movies AVATAR being one of our new favorites, we didn't think we would like it at all but we were way wrong.

We celebrated my 21st Birthday! Gar and I are like little kids so on the morning of my birthday we both were up at 6:00am because we were SO excited!! He couldn't wait any longer for me to open my presents. He gave me a video camera and some head bands! I was SO SO SO HAPPY, I have been wanting a video camera for awhile! Later that day Gar had told me that we were going to go eat at the melting pot, well on our way there my mom called him and said she had to stay late at work but that she had my present and she wanted us to stop by and get it. So we did and little did I know that my sneaky little husband and planned a surprise party with family and friends!! I was so embarrassed because I don't like having the spot light on me AT all, but I was so happy that Gar had put so much thought into it and I was able to spend the night with all the people I love! I love Garett SO much!!!!

We went to Temple square with Garrett, Anj, Natalie, and Rhett. It was nice to go out with them! The lights were so pretty like always!

Christmas this year was with my family but we did go up and see garett's family christmas day! It was our second Christmas together being married! We loved being able to be with our family and seeing all the little kids open their gifts!

The day after Christmas we went up to Jolley's Ranch with my family and went sledding and had hot chocolate and ate lunch!

New years eve we went out to eat and then played games! It was fun!!!

It has just been so wonderful to have Garett home and not be rushed and just be able to sit back and relax with each other!!! I still can't believe that 2009 is over... it went by SO fast. It was a great year though!!!!!