Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of summer • Starting fall

We had such a great summer! Charly and I spent a lot of time at 7 peaks with Auntie Anj, Kai and No No's. It was something fun to do to get out of the house and let the kids enjoy the sunshine!

Kai and Charly walking into the park
We went out on Brandon and Michelle's boat a few times. Charly loves going out on the boat. After the last time we went all she kept saying the next few days was "water...boat..?" She is fun to take out.

About the month ago we decided to take away Charly's "binkers"  as she liked to call it.

 We were SO scared and worried about this...we just kept putting it off. But we were actually so glad that we did it when we did because it worked out in our and her benefit because she was a little older and able to understand more of what we were saying to her. So this is what happened- We cut the tip off of her Binky and handed it to her and told her it was broken. She put it in her mouth and then took it out looked at it and said " it broken?" and then threw it to the ground. The UNFORTUNATE part of this is that, by accident she saw Gar cut it and so she just kept saying "Dada cut...Dada cut.." So we felt bad and decided to take her to build a bear to get something to kind of "replace" the Binky...make a negative into a positive kind of thing. She picked the soft cute little bunny. We picked out some Minnie mouse pj's for it and she was just so excited!

We went home that night and we were worried because laying her down was going to be the true test. So we did her normal routine and laid her in her crib with her blankey and the new addition her bunny... and that was that! We didn't hear a peep out of her! We were seriously in complete shock! She handled it like true champ! We honestly felt blessed because we were bracing for the worst! And we were just so proud of her. You know you're a parent feel a sense of accomplishment and that you've actually done something right for once when your child goes to sleep peacefully at night for the fist time in almost 2 years without her Binky... you feel so proud.

So the cougs have not been playing that awesome so far to say the least, but never the less Gar and I still love going to the games together. It is something that we have done together since our first year of marriage and something I hope we are able to continue doing every year.

Park City weekend
Anj and I went to Park City for the weekend to just get away,have some fun and celebrate Anj's 24th birthday! Friday we spent the day shopping and then later that night we went and got some yummy Sushi. After dinner we went back to the hotel and got in the hot tub. We stayed up WAY too late talking, but it was worth the girls night out.

Just some Randoms
Date night with the siblings at sakura! We heart sushi

Charly has started going to Kindermusic Class with Miss Cami once a week and we are both LOVING IT!

Walking her dog to the park



Joey said...

Love this post! So much going on it is hard to remember all of it. I love the pics of everyone and,CHARLY, she is such a cutie! Let me know if you want to run the canyon again. I am ready anytime. Soon all those pretty leaves will be gone :(

Cambria said...

So cute! What is Kindermusic? looks fun fun fun!

Caldwell Family 6 said...

Love love this post! So fun to see what you have been up to! We just took away Whitneys "dinky". YAY! It's so nice, isn't it?! I love the one of Gar kissing her! So sweet! See ya Wednesday!

Hilary said...

Cutest little cougar outfit ever! She is a doll!

Mandy said...

Your daughter should be a kid model!! She is ADORABLE! I love her curly hair!