Sunday, August 18, 2013

End of 2012 and 2013 catch up!

Back in November we went on the Heber Creeper for a date night for an event they were doing called " Chocolate Lovers Train." It sounded like it was going to be a really cute, romantic night out with yummy chocolate and entertainment ( Not saying it wasn't nice to be out with Gar and the Boden's) but it was far from that ha ha. The chocolate was not the great quality we were hoping for, and the entertainment wasn't the most entertaining to say the least. But it was good for a memory and night out!
THANKSGIVING 2012 Thanksgiving Eve My sisters, my mom, and myself all got together to make some Thanksgiving Pies. Laur had forgotten something and needed to run to the store. We got a call just minutes after she left that a driver had ran a red light and rear ended her. Those are the worst calls! Anj, our dad, and I drove down to the accident to make sure Laur was okay. Luckily everyone was fine and after the initial shock wore off we were able to get back to making pies, and we ended up having a good night! Thanksgiving this year was at the Tipton's and it was a very good day! The night before Gar and I did one of our favorite things to do and watched "FRIENDS" thanksgiving episodes and then spent thanksgiving day with family! That night Gar and I did our first Black Friday shopping. We did the Disney Store with my sisters, brother in law Garrett and Brother Brian. We were second in line and we actually had A LOT of fun. We had camping chairs set up in a circle and played catch phrase, drank hot chocolate, and laughed all night. Charly standing infront of Christmas Tree all ready for my friend Tara's wedding She LOVED playing in the snow last winter One night we went up to Lowes in Orem and let the kids play and after got the kids some treats and drove through Thanksgiving Points Christmas Lights

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You updated your blog! Lots of fun pics!